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Haul: NYX Cosmetics

22 Jun

A month or so ago, NYX had their 12 year anniversary sale where almost all products were $1.20.  Because this is such a great deal, maneuvering around the website was as slow as a can be, and nearly impossible.  I was able to add products to my cart, but was never able to check out after 2+ hours of trying (yes, I am ashamed).  Many other people had the same problems, or worse, so NYX came out with a 50% off code plus free shipping to those who were not able to make a purchase.  I took advantage of this and here is what I got:


Champagne and Caviar 10 Color Runway Palette

top row

 bottom row

Powder Blushes
clockwise:  Pinched,  Terra Cotta, Angel, Cinnamon, Pinky

top to bottom:

Cinnamon,  Pinched, Pinky, Terra Cotta, Angel

Single Eye Shadows
Clockwise: Nude, Dark Brown, Iced Mocha, Taupe, Brown, Hawaiian Coffee

Top to bottom:  Dark Brown, Brown, Iced Mocha, Hawaiian Coffee, Nude, Taupe

Did you purchase anything from either of the NYX sales? If so, what?  What do you particularly love from NYX?  Anything you dislike?  Have you tried any of these items?  Let me know!


Unexpectedly Chic: Mai Couture Blush Paper

6 Jun


This past week I stumbled upon these amazingly cute blush papers from Mai Couture.  This is the perfect thing to stick in your makeup bag, especially if room it tight!  More than that, you don’t need a brush and can be quickly applied while on-the-go.   These are also perfect for summer to swipe on after you’ve been in the pool or at the gym, and want to look a bit refined and refreshed.  If you haven’t heard of these practical and useful blush papers, then I suggest you run over to Mai Couture and check them out!  You can buy these for $17.50 and they come in 3 shades: Prettyful, Sunset, and Uptown.


Blush Challenge: Blushes 14-18

21 Apr

Here is this past week’s blush update that I wore.  I only have five so I either misplaced a blush, or I didn’t wear any blush Saturday or Sunday. I think the reason is probably the latter.  Anyway the blushes I wore are as follows:

Blush Challenge: Blushes 7-13

21 Apr

Last week was extremely busy and got away from me.  I kept up with my blush challenge of wearing a different blush everyday, but I did not have time to blog about it.  Today I am doing last weeks and this weeks blushes.  This is last weeks and the blushes I wore are as follows:

Haul: Urban Decay

19 Apr

About a month ago Urban Decay was on Hautelook, a site I am aboslutely obsessed with.  In the past I haven’t been interested in the Urban Decay products they’ve had but this time around there was a lot I was loving! I only ended up getting two things, but am happy with both of my purchases!

First, I got the Afterglow powder blush in Score.  It is a gorgeous peachy-pink shade with a subtle sheen.  Many of my blushes are similar to this including Sleek Rose Gold, Wet ‘n Wild Pearlescent Pink, and maybe an ELF, Cover Girl, LORAC, and Clinique one that I have as well.  I plan on doing a post comparing all of these blushes in the next week or so.  Anyway, the blush has great pigmentation but is smaller than I expected at only  .13 grams.  I am not sure if this is the normal size of their blushes, but it is smaller than I was expecting it to be.  This retails for about $21 and I got it for $10.

The Summer of Love palette is a gorgeous neutral palette with a bright purple; all my favorite colors!   It comes with a mini 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Bourbon and a mini Primer Potion in Sin, which has a metallic coloring.  I have not had the chance to wear this yet, but based on swatching I have formed a few first impressions.  I love their 24/7 pencils so I was extremely excited about Bourbon, they glide on extremely smoothly and easily and they are extremely long wearing as well.  I am excited to try Sin Primer Potion as I think it’ll be a gorgeous base.  All of the eye shadow colors are gorgeous, and perfect for summer, as the palette is named for it.  They all have a good pigmentation; however, I think Maui Wowie could have some serious fallout problems as there is chunks of glitter and it already spread on my hand just from swatching.  If planning to wear that shade, take extra precautions.

Top to bottom:
Flash, Maui Wowie, Chopper, Smog

I know the swatches are small (and poor quality as it was taken with a camera phone), but I believe you should be able to click on them and see them at full size for a better idea of what the products and colors look like.

I plan to do a full in-depth review of the Summer of Love palette once I have a chance to experiment a bit more with that, so stay tuned!

Have you tried any of these products?  What do you think of Urban Decay in general? Any products you specifically love, or even hate?  What are your opinions of Hautelook?  Let me know!

Beauty Challenge: Different Blush Everyday (Blushes 1-6)

7 Apr

I have completed week of of my beauty challenge where  I wear a new blush everyday.  It has already been hard for me because it is so easy to get into a routine and stick with it. I also find that I particularly like a blush I wore the previous day, and find myself wanting to wear that blush again.  However, I have stuck with it and been successful so far.

Here are the first six blushes I’ve worn:

  1. NYX Silky Rose
  2. Wet ‘n Wild Pearlescent Pink
  3. ELF  Peachy Keen
  4. ELF blush in the blushed/bronzed duo
  5. MAC Pink Cult (LE)
  6. MAC Sur (LE)

I have included pictures of each blush as well as swatches:






If you want any further details on any of the items shown, let me know!

March Beauty Favorites

1 Apr

I do not have very many beauty favorites this month because I did not really buy anything beauty related at all!  I think the only makeup items I bought this month were the new MAC sheen supreme lipsticks and a blush from their Jeanius collection.  I mostly bought clothes, and might do a fashion favorite post as well!  Anyway, the items that I do have featured this month got lots of loving!


  1. Peach Blush – I have really been loving peach blushes over the past few months.  However, since the first day of spring was this month, I feel that I can really go full swing into peach blushes – and I have!  Any peach blush I can get my hands on, I have been wearing almost everyday!  Two in particular I have a lot of love for are MAC Peaches and MAC My Highland Honey (LE).
  2. ELF Hypershine Lipgloss – I have to be honest: I have had these for about 6 months or more (probably more) and have hated them everyday until this month.  I didn’t like that they were sheer and I hated the packages even more!  This month I finally broke it out and started using it and now I am in love!   They are sheer, but not too sheer and have no stickyness what so ever!  I think these are perfect for an everyday lipgloss to put on quickly before class.
  3. ELF Powder Brush – As you can tell, this brush gets a lot of lovin’!  It is dirty and the brush has fallen off the pharral (is that the right word?), a common problem with ELF brushes.  However, this brush gives me the perfect application to my Nars Sheer Glow.
  4. Ralph Lauren Romance – This has been my go-to day scent because it is light, fruity, and reminds me of my grandmother.  I love this scent so much and have used it every day this month.  It is such a perfect spring daytime look!
  5. Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff Brush – I bought this brush because it is a MAC 217 dupe and I am in love.  It has currently been out of stock forever, but once it is back in stock I am ordering another!  It is perfect  for applying a crease color and blending – I don’t think I can go without this brush ever again!


Have you tried any of the products I mentioned?  If so, what are your thoughts on them?  What were some of your March favorites? I’d love to know!

Beauty Challenge: Different Blush Everyiday

31 Mar

I love all makeup, but my true makeup obsession is in blushes.  Blush is effortless and can make you look great!  Anytime I buy cosmetics,  you can be sure I will be picking up new blush as well!  I own 44 blushes so for the next 44 days (more if I acqure new blushes) I will be wearing a new blush of the day and will be posting pics and my thoughts on them as well!

I will be starting this challenge tomorrow, and will update you on the next 6 blushes next Thursday!

Whats the makeup item you love more than others?  How many blushes do you have and do you share my same love with me?  Feel free to do another makeup challenge like this with eyeshadows, eye liner, lipstick… you name it!

March Face of The Month

29 Mar

Since I have shut down my youtube channel, I will be incorporating more makeup things into this blog (such as monthly faves and empties, coming within the next  few days).  Part of that, will also be sharing what my typical  makeup routine looked like!

Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow

Primer: Hard Candy Sheer Envy

Concealer: Benefit Eye Bright, Maybelline Dream Matte for undereyes, Hard Candy Glamoflauge for face imperfections

Eye primer: ELF $1 primer

Eye shadow:  this varies day-to-day but it was mostly Urban Decay Naked palette and Wet ‘n Wild Vanity

Brows:  Maybelline Great Lash Clear

Mascara:  Maybelline Volum’ Express original with the curved wand

Liner: none

Blush: also varied day to day.  Common ones were Wet ‘n Wild Pearlescent Pink or MAC Peaches

Bronzer: NYC Sunny

Powder: did not use a  setting powder for most of the month

Lipgloss:  ELF Hypershine gloss in Blossom

Lipstick: MAC Sheen Supreme in Bare Again

What was your typical face of the day?  I would love to know!

30 for 30 Challenge: Items 20 – 30

7 Mar
  • NYC Blushable Cream Stick in Mauvin’ Uptown

farthest on the right

  • Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy (LE) Palette
  • ECO tools eye brush: shader and blending brush

  • NYC Individual Eyes Custom Eye Palette for Brown Eyes in Union Square

  • ELF Brownstone eyeshadow quad

  • ELF Luxe eyeshadow quad

  • ELF Hazy Hazel eyeshadow quad

  • ELF Shimmmer Eye Liner in Precious Pink

  • ELF shimmer eyeliner in Blissful Blush

  • Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette

All images from google images.

I was really happy with most of the products in this last section. I was the most shocked with the ELF eyeshadow quads.  Not necessarily with the quality (which isn’t too bad), but I was surprised at the looks that I could create using just the quad.  It turned out really nice and worked great!  So far, I did not love the Ecotools as much as I had been hoping too.  The quality is great, with the brushes being incredibly soft.  However, I thought the shader was too long and thin (not dense enough) and the blending brush was quite large for my eyes

I am so glad to be done with this challenge!  It did take me more than 30 days because I did not wear makeup everyday. This helped me to realize the ridiculous amount of make up I do actually have (particularly eyeshadow).  I can’t wait to start regularly using some of the great eye looks I found through this challenge!