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What’s In My Makeup Bag

23 Jun

The past few months I was keeping my everyday makeup that I was using regularly in a makeup bag, which then extended to 2 makeup bags.  This was causing clutter and I wanted to start incorporating my other makeup that was being loved, so I decided to clean it out and take pictures to show you the items I’ve been using over the past couple months!



Haul: NYX Cosmetics

22 Jun

A month or so ago, NYX had their 12 year anniversary sale where almost all products were $1.20.  Because this is such a great deal, maneuvering around the website was as slow as a can be, and nearly impossible.  I was able to add products to my cart, but was never able to check out after 2+ hours of trying (yes, I am ashamed).  Many other people had the same problems, or worse, so NYX came out with a 50% off code plus free shipping to those who were not able to make a purchase.  I took advantage of this and here is what I got:


Champagne and Caviar 10 Color Runway Palette

top row

 bottom row

Powder Blushes
clockwise:  Pinched,  Terra Cotta, Angel, Cinnamon, Pinky

top to bottom:

Cinnamon,  Pinched, Pinky, Terra Cotta, Angel

Single Eye Shadows
Clockwise: Nude, Dark Brown, Iced Mocha, Taupe, Brown, Hawaiian Coffee

Top to bottom:  Dark Brown, Brown, Iced Mocha, Hawaiian Coffee, Nude, Taupe

Did you purchase anything from either of the NYX sales? If so, what?  What do you particularly love from NYX?  Anything you dislike?  Have you tried any of these items?  Let me know!

Unexpectedly Chic: Mai Couture Blush Paper

6 Jun


This past week I stumbled upon these amazingly cute blush papers from Mai Couture.  This is the perfect thing to stick in your makeup bag, especially if room it tight!  More than that, you don’t need a brush and can be quickly applied while on-the-go.   These are also perfect for summer to swipe on after you’ve been in the pool or at the gym, and want to look a bit refined and refreshed.  If you haven’t heard of these practical and useful blush papers, then I suggest you run over to Mai Couture and check them out!  You can buy these for $17.50 and they come in 3 shades: Prettyful, Sunset, and Uptown.


Tuesday Tip: Better Curl For Your Lashes

17 May

Image Credit

A few weeks ago I posted a tip for longer lasting lipstick using powder.  You can achieve the same effect with your eyelashes as well.  Between your mascara application apply a powder  to your lashes and then follow up with another application of mascara.  This will result in an increase in volume and curl of your lashes.  You can apply the powder with a clean mascara wand or a small eyeshadow/eyeliner brush.  I would also suggest using a fleshtone color powder instead of a white powder so it is not as noticeable if you happen to miss a spot.

Did you find this tip helpful?  Have you tried it?  Do you have any other tips for increasing volume or curl for your lashes? Let me know!

Shopping Cart Sunday: Stila

15 May
I love Stila cosmetics.  I do not have a large amount of their products, but what I do have I love.  I am wanting to try more of their products and if I were to place an order today, here is what I would add to my shopping cart.  Some of these products I have heard great things about, others I’ve had my eye on for a while, and a few are just things that stuck out to me and am curious to try.

I simply want this powder because of the gorgeous detailing.  I have only seen one blog post about this powder so I do not have a great idea on what to expect quality wise, but it’d be worth it simply because of the packaging.

One of my favorite things about Stila is their palettes.  I love the design and colors.  I love the neutrals of this palette and have been wanting Kitten for a long time now, which is included in the palette.  They also include a convertible color and a lip glaze in Guava as well.  Such a great deal!

As explained above, I love the palette, the colors, and the mascara included!

Stila debuted this pallete around Earth Day.  I simply love the colors.  That’s all I can say.

I have heard people rave continuously about these eyeliner pencils.  I am not a huge eyeliner junkie as I hardly wear it.   My eyeliner of choice is the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils, but I have a feeling these could also become a favorite!

I have a few Convertible Colors from the travel palettes they introduced last year and I love everything about them from the payoff, to the color and consistency.  I need to get my hands on more stat!  The color shown is gladiola, a bright orange that is perfect for summer!

I have recently been in love with all lip color sticks and for only $16 I could not imagine resisting trying these gorgeous shades from the Smile in Style set!

I have a few of their travel palettes from last year and I really enjoyed them.  This year they removed the Convertible Color and added a blush and highlighter/bronzer. So far they have come out with two and I love the colors in both palettes!

What do you think about Stila cosmetics? Have you tried any of these products? What  are your favorites and least favorite products you’ve tried?  Anything else you think I should check out from them? Let me know!

Blush Challenge: Blushes 14-18

21 Apr

Here is this past week’s blush update that I wore.  I only have five so I either misplaced a blush, or I didn’t wear any blush Saturday or Sunday. I think the reason is probably the latter.  Anyway the blushes I wore are as follows:

Tuesday Tip: Eyebrow Grooming

19 Apr


I use a clear gel for my eyebrows daily to help them stay in place.  However, for pesky hairs you can take more extreme measures.  Hairspray works excellent as a stronger source to keep eyebrows in place.  You can spray a bit on your finger, a spoolie, eyebrow brush, or a q-tip and the run that over your brows setting them in place how you would like them.  I would recommend a hairspray that does not dry extremely hard, as you don’t want your eyebrows to be, and look, crunchy.  If hairspray is still not strong enough, I have heard of others using mustache wax to help keep them in place although I have not tried this for myself.

What do you think?  Do you have hard-to-manage eyebrows?  If so, how do you keep them in place?  Have you tried any of the above methods?  How did they work for you? Let me know!

Review: ELF Studio Contour Brush

12 Apr

I was at Target this past week and decided to stop into the cosmetic section.  To my surprise, my Target began carrying more of the ELF line.  While the pickings were still slim, at least they had more than the Beauty Encyclopedias and lip glosses!  I had lost my studio Contour Brush a few weeks ago and decided to pick up another.  Here is a review for this item for those interested:


Price: $3

Availability: some Targets or eyeslipsface.com

  • ELF Says:

This new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. studio brush!

  • The domed bristles pick up a lot of color and deposit it onto the eyelid for extra definition
  • Adds depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye
  • Use to sweep colors along the lash lines for concentrated color
  • *Vegan Friendly
  • Application:

I specifically use this product for placing a contour shade into my crease and outer corner.  I have small, hooded eyes so I find that it works better to place product precisely where I want it.  The domed tip also provides a nice application and it is easy to outline where you want eyeshadow to be placed. I do find that it does not blend very well, so you will need to blend the color with a fluffy brush.  ELF also suggests you can use it to sweep color on the lashline (I think lower lashline would be best)  as  well as the inner corner for a nice highlight.  It is also great at picking up a good amount of product onto the bristles.

  • Product/Quality:

This is the second time I have bought this brush, because I lost the first one.  I think for $3 it is an excellent buy.  I have no problems with bleeding or shedding.  The bristles are soft and densely packed so the application will no be flimsy.  I have noticed that with the larger face brushes ELF offers the brush has come loose from the pharral (sp).   Many other people have complained about this same problem.  However, with the 5 or so eye brushes I have  from ELF, I’ve never had that problem.

  • Pros/Cons:
    • Pros:
      • Excellent Price
      • Precise Application
      • Great for small eyes
      • Great for beginners
      • Versatility
      • Quality
    • Cons:
      • Availability
      • Brush could come loose from the handle
      • Does not blend very well
  • My Thoughts:

Overall I love this brush, which is why I repurchased this product.  As described in the application, it makes applying a crease color super easy.  I think that others with small eyes will benefit from this brush as well.  Those with larger eyes can use it also to apply a crease color, or on their lower lash line as well. I think the versatility in this product will be great for all needs.  The quality you get with this brush, as well as the low price, makes it well worth it!  It is a great brush for those looking to expand their brush collection and do not have anything similar.

Tuesday Tip: Longer Lasting Lipstick

12 Apr

Image Credit


There are many tips and tricks to get lipstick lasting longer, most of which you’re most likely already aware of.  However, I have a trick that you may not have heard before!  Applying baby powder between two applications of lipstick helps to prolong the color!  The best explanation I can give for this tip is the baby powder acts as a setting powder for the first layer, and a base as the second layer.  Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!


What did you think of this tip?  Have you tried it or heard of it before? Did it work for you? Do you have any other tips to get longer lasting lipstick? Let me know!

Saturday Surfin’

9 Apr