Haute or Hideous

19 Jun

This past Wednesday, June 15th, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made an appearance on David Letterman.  She was wearing a low-cut topless sparkly top and nude wide leg pants.  So I want to know your thoughts: appropriate for daytime wear?  Sexy, or do  I dare say skanky?  Loving it or hating it?   Haute or hideous?
While I think this may be hot for going out at night, I would not personally choose to wear this at night.  Also, the pant fit is not the most flattering, or the belt is too tight, as it creates skin topping over the pants.  I also think the pants could have be hemmed a tiny bit on the bottom as they tend to look too long in some photos.



NOTD: OPI Got A Date To-Knight

18 Jun

Haute or Hideous

18 Jun

This past Wednesday, June 15th, Megan Fox attended the Maui Film Festival wearing a casual black leopard print dress.  So, I want to know: loving the dress? Hate it? Love the detail, or not so much? Haute or hideous?   Personally, I am undecided, at times I like it, but others not so much.


Recently Read: Sliding Into Home

16 Jun



Sliding Into Home is an autobiography, with the help of a ghost writer, of Kendra Wilkinson.  She is a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and was featured on the show Girls Next Door and now has her own reality show, Kendra.  In her book she discusses her childhood to high school to living in the mansion and now as a wife and mom.  She talks about her family life, her crazy high school experience and drug use, and how she felt living at the mansion.

I picked this book up because I was obsessed with The Girls Next Door and Kendra was always my favorite. I love her outgoing and fun personality and she seemed like someone who I would actually want to be friends with.  I had heard a lot about what the book included, such as her drug use and having sex with Hef, from other media sites so when I began reading I wasn’t expecting to hear that much more that I had not already read online.  However, the sites online just brushed on her drug use because in the book she went in-depth with her experiences.  Now I was no perfect teenager, but I was completely shocked at some of the things she did, and I’m sure she didn’t include everything in her book.  I would recommend this book to those who have been thinking about reading it or like Kendra or The Girls Next Door.  It was an extremely easy read, I read it in about 2 days.  While the language and writing quality is not anything that will win it awards, it’s interesting and it sounds like Kendra talking to you.

WTF Wednesday: Cheese Dresses

15 Jun






Haute or Hideous

15 Jun

This past Sunday, June 12th, J.Lo and a few other celebs were spotted at 95.8 Capital FM Summer Ball at Wembley Stadium in London.  I found Jennifer Lopez’s ensemble to be very interesting and I want to know your thoughts on it!  Love the dress or hate it?  What about the boots?  The outfit as a whole: haute or hideous?   Personally, while none of the fashion choices are my cup of tea, I do love her makeup, which is always stunning!


Tuesday Tip: Decreasing Puffiness Under Your Eyes

14 Jun


Puffy under eyes are an annoying occurring like dark circles under your eyes.  These can be brought on from too little sleep, crying, genetis, or other causes.  However, a certain cream can help to reduce the puffiness.  Brace yourself.  Hemorrhoid cream is said to be the magic cream to minimize this.  This cream is primarily used to shrink swollen tissue, so it works the same way under your eyes.  So, in the mornings before you apply your makeup, just apply a bit of this cream to the swollen area and blend in!  Once it’s had time to absorb into your skin, carry on with your usual routine!

Do you suffer from puffiness under your eyes?  Have you ever tried using this method?  If so did you find it effective?  Do you have any other tips and tricks so help reduce this?  Let me know!



Mail Call Monday

13 Jun

Mondays can be rough.  To make it better, I want to help to remind you that you might be expecting some great things in the mail from the previous weekend’s shopping!  So tell me, what are you expecting in the mail this week?  Or anything else you purchased in store this week and are loving?  Did any of you find any great sales this weekend?


I was so excited to say that I was not expecting anything in the mail this week because I  feel like I have been spending money every time I breathe lately. However,  Brian and I just bought tickets for Lake Havasu.  Therefore,  I had to buy a  few things of my list of items that I still need to get.  This week I am waiting for a few bandeau tops from Tillys.   I also hate putting sunscreen on my face because it always feels so thick and greasy.  On top of my oily skin I have a mini panic attack and think about how greasy my skin is getting and how the thick cream is breaking me out, regardless if it is or not.  However, I recently heard someone review a sunscreen made specifically for oily skin.  Since I will be on a boat for days at a time, I obviously can’t go without putting sunscreen on my face like I normally do (shame on me, I know, I know).  So I jumped at buying this product, especially because I believe you can only get it in Asia and it will take a bit to ship.  I am excited to recieve this product and hope it works okay for my skin.  It is gonna have to.


12 Jun

Because I have been a very neglectful owner to my brushes,
I am giving them some TLC today and giving them a good wash.

Along with that..
during the weekdays my life is absolutely ridiculously busy.
So, I am also spending today scheduling posts for the upcoming week
so I don’t turn into even more neglectful owner of this blog as well (as I have this past week).

So stay tuned for the following posts (hopefully all of them this week!):
– Recently Read: Sliding Into Home
– Haul
– What’s In My Makeup Bag
– ..and a special post featuring Kicks!

Saturday Surfin’

11 Jun