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Tuesday Tip: Quick Drying Nail Polish

21 Jun


If you don’t have time to wait a full twenty, or more minutes for your nails to dry, then I have a perfect tip for you for faster drying nail polish!  And let’s be honest, who has that kind of time anyway (not me!)?  Once you are done applying the polish, let it sit and begin to harden for about 2 or 3 minutes.  After, place them in a bowl of ice water for about 3 additional minutes.  The water will get cold after the prolonged time, but once the three minutes have passed your nails will be completely dry!  I think it is completely worth it!


Tuesday Tip: Decreasing Puffiness Under Your Eyes

14 Jun


Puffy under eyes are an annoying occurring like dark circles under your eyes.  These can be brought on from too little sleep, crying, genetis, or other causes.  However, a certain cream can help to reduce the puffiness.  Brace yourself.  Hemorrhoid cream is said to be the magic cream to minimize this.  This cream is primarily used to shrink swollen tissue, so it works the same way under your eyes.  So, in the mornings before you apply your makeup, just apply a bit of this cream to the swollen area and blend in!  Once it’s had time to absorb into your skin, carry on with your usual routine!

Do you suffer from puffiness under your eyes?  Have you ever tried using this method?  If so did you find it effective?  Do you have any other tips and tricks so help reduce this?  Let me know!



Tuesday Tip: Preventing Your Concealer From Creasing

31 May

This week’s Tuesday Tip is a bit different from past tips.  I did not discover this tip on my own, nor am I claiming I’ve ever tried this tip.  I was watching Youtube video’s yesterday when I got to a video by Gossmakeupartist.  In this video, he shared with readers a unique way to prevent your concealer from creasing.  I  had never heard this tip before and thought it was worth a share to all of you!  If you watch youtube videos regularly I am sure you know who Goss is, but if not check out his videos as he has great information and content.

Tuesday Tip: Longer Lasting Concealer

24 May

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I tend to use a thinner formula for my undereye concealer because I don’t want it to look cakey and crease with my fine lines. However,  while blending your concealer do you ever feel as if  you end up blending it all away?  To prevent sheering out your concealer too much, especially with a less viscous formula, wait about 10-30 seconds before blending it in.   By doing this, it will help to thicken your concealer  by essentially drying it out a bit.

Tuesday Tip: Better Curl For Your Lashes

17 May

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A few weeks ago I posted a tip for longer lasting lipstick using powder.  You can achieve the same effect with your eyelashes as well.  Between your mascara application apply a powder  to your lashes and then follow up with another application of mascara.  This will result in an increase in volume and curl of your lashes.  You can apply the powder with a clean mascara wand or a small eyeshadow/eyeliner brush.  I would also suggest using a fleshtone color powder instead of a white powder so it is not as noticeable if you happen to miss a spot.

Did you find this tip helpful?  Have you tried it?  Do you have any other tips for increasing volume or curl for your lashes? Let me know!

Tuesday Tip: Eyebrow Grooming

19 Apr


I use a clear gel for my eyebrows daily to help them stay in place.  However, for pesky hairs you can take more extreme measures.  Hairspray works excellent as a stronger source to keep eyebrows in place.  You can spray a bit on your finger, a spoolie, eyebrow brush, or a q-tip and the run that over your brows setting them in place how you would like them.  I would recommend a hairspray that does not dry extremely hard, as you don’t want your eyebrows to be, and look, crunchy.  If hairspray is still not strong enough, I have heard of others using mustache wax to help keep them in place although I have not tried this for myself.

What do you think?  Do you have hard-to-manage eyebrows?  If so, how do you keep them in place?  Have you tried any of the above methods?  How did they work for you? Let me know!

Tuesday Tip: Longer Lasting Lipstick

12 Apr

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There are many tips and tricks to get lipstick lasting longer, most of which you’re most likely already aware of.  However, I have a trick that you may not have heard before!  Applying baby powder between two applications of lipstick helps to prolong the color!  The best explanation I can give for this tip is the baby powder acts as a setting powder for the first layer, and a base as the second layer.  Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!


What did you think of this tip?  Have you tried it or heard of it before? Did it work for you? Do you have any other tips to get longer lasting lipstick? Let me know!

Tuesday Tip: Removing Mascara Smudge On Your Lid

29 Mar

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I am constantly getting mascara on my eyelid during mascara application.  My two choices usually are to do my eyeshadow first and risk getting mascara ontop of my eyeshadow, which just looks sloppy!  Or I can do my mascara first, but get eyeshadow fallout on my eyelashes, which is extremely noticeable! What’s a girl to do?

I was clueless until I figured out this tip:  Take a disposable mascara wand and once the mascara on your eyelid dries, run it over the dried mascara spot lightly.  This will result in removing the smudged mascara off of your eyes, but keeping your eyeshadow in place!

Did you find this helpful?  Do you ever have this problem? If so, what have you done to get rid of smudged mascara?  Let me know!

Tuesday Tip: Relieving “Tight” Skin

14 Mar

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After washing their face, many people have the misconception that your skin should feel tight.  Tight is associated with clean, right? Wrong!  Don’t be ashamed if you thought this as I thought this for a very long time! Especially having oily skin, I thought that it was best when my skin felt tight.  Oh boy was I wrong!  When your skin feels tight, that means your cleanser, face wash, mask, etc. stripped your skin of the natural oils, leaving it dehydrated.  This will thus cause us oily gals to produce even more oil because our skin is making up for the oil lost!

Now, if you notice that the current products you’re using are leaving you with a tight feeling on your face I would suggest that you try to find another skincare system.  However, in the mean time I have tip for you!  Clean your cleanser off with icy cold water. This will help to make your skin feel the same ‘squeaky’ clean without dehydrating your skin of its water levels and giving you the tight-skinned feeling.


Did you find this tip helpful? Do you have any other skincare questions?  Do you have any skincare tips? Let me know, I love hearing from my readers!

Tuesday Tips: Spending Less $

11 Jan

One  of my major beauty resolutions this year was to spend less on make up and beauty products.  To help myself, and others, achieve this goal I thought I would post some tips I’ve gathered to encourage you to spend less on make up.

  • Project 10 Pan – Everyone has their own rules they adapt to their own needs.  However, the basic idea is you choose 10, you can do less or more, of course, products.  You can’t buy any other make up items (some make an exception to staples such as foundation) until all 10 products are completely finished or have hit pan.
  • Shop Your Stash – Look through your stash and re-discover products you have not used in a while!
  • Find something you never use and  create a look out of it – I have soooo many make up items that I have never used, which is really bad. Challenge yourself to use something that you have never used and create a look out of it!
  • 15 or 30 Days with a palette – Choose one palette and try to use just that palette for a week, 15 or 30 days straight.  The Naked palette would be a great option for a 30 day challenge as there are almost endless looks you can create with the colors!
  • Try to use a new product everyday for a month – Again, if you are like me and have a bunch of un-used make up items, try to use a new product every month!
  • Make a spread sheet to keep track of how much you spend – This is something that I have started doing, and it will help because most likely the actual cost in a few months will shock you! It is a great reality check to help you keep track and spend less.
  • Find something you would like to save up for –  My recent Handbag Wishlist was a post on the handbags that I would like to save up for!  Having something specific in mind will really help you to stick to a budget.  Plus, think about how good it will feel when you saved up all the money for a special something you have had your eye on for a while!
  • “Sleep on it” – If there is something that catches your eye while your out shopping, or even online “browsing”, don’t buy the item right away!  Step away, and take a few days to think about it and decide if you really need the item, or already have something similar. Impulse buys can be my biggest downfall!
  • Shop your stash for dupes of something you want – This goes along with the “sleep on it” tip; if there is an item you are lemming, look through your stash first! Chances are, you have something similar to what you are wanting.
  • Make a point to use products you never use – I have done  this recently, I have been using Wet ‘n Wild’s blush in Heather Silk everyday for the past week (by force, at first) because I have only used the product once, at most.  However, after using it, I have fallen in love with it!  It has given me the perfect flushed cheek color, that looks like you were out in the freezing cold for the past hour (in a good way!).
  • Stay away from temptations – Such as youtube videos, forums, make up website, the cosmetic section in stores, and most importantly, emails from companies advertising their latest sales!  Emails are what get me the most, because I feel like I cannot pass up such a great deal.  If you do not think you can stay away from the cosmetic section while out shopping, leave your credit card at home and only carry enough money to buy what you originally went out for!
  • Make a blog or youtube – I find that being able to talk about make up, helps to decrease the feeling of needing to go out and buy a product, it satisfies me in the same way!  It also helps you to stay busy!
  • Take up another hobby – Find a hobby to help you stay busy. Some great ideas are cooking, reading, exercising, blogging, etc!
  • Figure out why you buy things – Is it out of boredom? To deflect something in your personal life such as anger, depression, or feeling self-conscious? Find out the underlying reason as to why you are purchasing make up, and that will then help you take the necessary actions to correct it.
  • Cant buy something until you use something of the same product – This is an idea I am implementing in the coming year!  So, I cannot buy a new eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss, etc. until I have used the most recent eyeshadow, blush, or lipgloss that I have purchased.
  • If all else fails, stick to a reasonable budget – Get a credit card where you import a set amount each month/week based on what is reasonable for you.  Only use that card for fun purchases, and when it runs out, you are SOL for buying other things you don’t “need.”
  • Try to re-create celebrity inspired looks – Find magazines, pictures from red carpet events, tv shows, movies, etc. and then try to re-create a look that you love using what you already have in your stash!   It will be fun, encourage you to use what  you already have, and improve your technique and application!

The main idea to take from this is learning to love what you have!  Once you truly love what you have, you will not feel a great desire to go out and buy new things!  Have you done a no-buy? If so, how did it work out?  Post any tips and additional comments you may have!