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What’s In My Makeup Bag

23 Jun

The past few months I was keeping my everyday makeup that I was using regularly in a makeup bag, which then extended to 2 makeup bags.  This was causing clutter and I wanted to start incorporating my other makeup that was being loved, so I decided to clean it out and take pictures to show you the items I’ve been using over the past couple months!



Haul: NYX Cosmetics

22 Jun

A month or so ago, NYX had their 12 year anniversary sale where almost all products were $1.20.  Because this is such a great deal, maneuvering around the website was as slow as a can be, and nearly impossible.  I was able to add products to my cart, but was never able to check out after 2+ hours of trying (yes, I am ashamed).  Many other people had the same problems, or worse, so NYX came out with a 50% off code plus free shipping to those who were not able to make a purchase.  I took advantage of this and here is what I got:


Champagne and Caviar 10 Color Runway Palette

top row

 bottom row

Powder Blushes
clockwise:  Pinched,  Terra Cotta, Angel, Cinnamon, Pinky

top to bottom:

Cinnamon,  Pinched, Pinky, Terra Cotta, Angel

Single Eye Shadows
Clockwise: Nude, Dark Brown, Iced Mocha, Taupe, Brown, Hawaiian Coffee

Top to bottom:  Dark Brown, Brown, Iced Mocha, Hawaiian Coffee, Nude, Taupe

Did you purchase anything from either of the NYX sales? If so, what?  What do you particularly love from NYX?  Anything you dislike?  Have you tried any of these items?  Let me know!

Tuesday Tip: Quick Drying Nail Polish

21 Jun


If you don’t have time to wait a full twenty, or more minutes for your nails to dry, then I have a perfect tip for you for faster drying nail polish!  And let’s be honest, who has that kind of time anyway (not me!)?  Once you are done applying the polish, let it sit and begin to harden for about 2 or 3 minutes.  After, place them in a bowl of ice water for about 3 additional minutes.  The water will get cold after the prolonged time, but once the three minutes have passed your nails will be completely dry!  I think it is completely worth it!

Tuesday Tip: Decreasing Puffiness Under Your Eyes

14 Jun


Puffy under eyes are an annoying occurring like dark circles under your eyes.  These can be brought on from too little sleep, crying, genetis, or other causes.  However, a certain cream can help to reduce the puffiness.  Brace yourself.  Hemorrhoid cream is said to be the magic cream to minimize this.  This cream is primarily used to shrink swollen tissue, so it works the same way under your eyes.  So, in the mornings before you apply your makeup, just apply a bit of this cream to the swollen area and blend in!  Once it’s had time to absorb into your skin, carry on with your usual routine!

Do you suffer from puffiness under your eyes?  Have you ever tried using this method?  If so did you find it effective?  Do you have any other tips and tricks so help reduce this?  Let me know!




3 Jun

I made a few purchases over the past few weeks and here is what showed up in the mail over the last week!

  • Allure Makeup Bag

I honestly have no idea why I got this.  It came in the mail one day, and I think it might have been through P&G brands.

  • Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer

I have been using the regularly over the past couple days, and so far I think I like it.  Full review coming soon.

  • Stila Order
    • Beach Palettes
    • It Girl Palette

Beach Palette in Haute in the Hamptons

I have not had time to extensively play with these palettes.  However, my initial thoughts and opinions are that this palette is one you could easily (and I advise you to) skip.  The pigmentation is relatively poor, which could be because most of the shades are matte.  Also, all of the colors are extremely easy to dupe.

Beach Palette in Stunning In Sayulita (sorry for upside down pic)

While playing around with this palette, I found the colors more pigmented than the previous palette and could justify buying this one again, as I also think the colors are gorgeous.

It Girl Palette

Have you tried any of these products that I picked up?  Are there any you had your eye on for a while?  What have you bought lately? Let me know!

Tuesday Tip: Preventing Your Concealer From Creasing

31 May

This week’s Tuesday Tip is a bit different from past tips.  I did not discover this tip on my own, nor am I claiming I’ve ever tried this tip.  I was watching Youtube video’s yesterday when I got to a video by Gossmakeupartist.  In this video, he shared with readers a unique way to prevent your concealer from creasing.  I  had never heard this tip before and thought it was worth a share to all of you!  If you watch youtube videos regularly I am sure you know who Goss is, but if not check out his videos as he has great information and content.

Tuesday Tip: Longer Lasting Concealer

24 May

Image Credit

I tend to use a thinner formula for my undereye concealer because I don’t want it to look cakey and crease with my fine lines. However,  while blending your concealer do you ever feel as if  you end up blending it all away?  To prevent sheering out your concealer too much, especially with a less viscous formula, wait about 10-30 seconds before blending it in.   By doing this, it will help to thicken your concealer  by essentially drying it out a bit.

Tuesday Tip: Better Curl For Your Lashes

17 May

Image Credit

A few weeks ago I posted a tip for longer lasting lipstick using powder.  You can achieve the same effect with your eyelashes as well.  Between your mascara application apply a powder  to your lashes and then follow up with another application of mascara.  This will result in an increase in volume and curl of your lashes.  You can apply the powder with a clean mascara wand or a small eyeshadow/eyeliner brush.  I would also suggest using a fleshtone color powder instead of a white powder so it is not as noticeable if you happen to miss a spot.

Did you find this tip helpful?  Have you tried it?  Do you have any other tips for increasing volume or curl for your lashes? Let me know!

Shopping Cart Sunday: Stila

15 May
I love Stila cosmetics.  I do not have a large amount of their products, but what I do have I love.  I am wanting to try more of their products and if I were to place an order today, here is what I would add to my shopping cart.  Some of these products I have heard great things about, others I’ve had my eye on for a while, and a few are just things that stuck out to me and am curious to try.

I simply want this powder because of the gorgeous detailing.  I have only seen one blog post about this powder so I do not have a great idea on what to expect quality wise, but it’d be worth it simply because of the packaging.

One of my favorite things about Stila is their palettes.  I love the design and colors.  I love the neutrals of this palette and have been wanting Kitten for a long time now, which is included in the palette.  They also include a convertible color and a lip glaze in Guava as well.  Such a great deal!

As explained above, I love the palette, the colors, and the mascara included!

Stila debuted this pallete around Earth Day.  I simply love the colors.  That’s all I can say.

I have heard people rave continuously about these eyeliner pencils.  I am not a huge eyeliner junkie as I hardly wear it.   My eyeliner of choice is the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils, but I have a feeling these could also become a favorite!

I have a few Convertible Colors from the travel palettes they introduced last year and I love everything about them from the payoff, to the color and consistency.  I need to get my hands on more stat!  The color shown is gladiola, a bright orange that is perfect for summer!

I have recently been in love with all lip color sticks and for only $16 I could not imagine resisting trying these gorgeous shades from the Smile in Style set!

I have a few of their travel palettes from last year and I really enjoyed them.  This year they removed the Convertible Color and added a blush and highlighter/bronzer. So far they have come out with two and I love the colors in both palettes!

What do you think about Stila cosmetics? Have you tried any of these products? What  are your favorites and least favorite products you’ve tried?  Anything else you think I should check out from them? Let me know!

Earth Day Beauty

22 Apr
Happy Earth day!  It is a gorgeous day here today, which has made me even more excited for Earth Day.  Earth Day is a special day to promote awareness and appreciate for the Earth! Now we should be making efforts everyday to protect our beautiful planet, but today is a day that we can take those precautions a step further!  You can help the Earth, while buying beauty and fashion products from certain eco-friendly brands!  If that’s not considered fun for a great cause, then I don’t know what is!  I have compiled a list of a few eco-friendly companies that are offering special deals and promotions in honor of Earth Day.
  • Kiehls has made a special limited edition skincare line in honor of Earth Day.   The line supports Waterkeeper Alliance for clean water and strong communities.  100% of proceeds from sales will go to Waterkeeper where they will provide clinical professional training to nearly 200 Waterkeeper Alliance organizations and develop climate change and post-carbon transition strategies.
  • Yes To Carrots is offering 25% off of all skincare items sitewide until this Sunday, April 24th, with code EARTH.  Yes To Carrots products include high-quality organic fruits and vegetables with a special mineral elixir derived from the Dead Sea to nourish and hydrate naturally.  A portion of all Yes To proceeds has been dedicated to the Yes To Carrots™ Seed Fund, a non-profit, 501(C) 3 organization helping to make a difference in people’s lives through sustainable agriculture.
  • Origins is offering to plant one tree for each order of the Planscription anti-aging serum. They are also offering a free full-sized cleanser.  You can get this online with any $30 purchase or in stores with no purchase necessary as long as you bring in old cosmetics to recycle!
  • Today only both Hautelook and Gilt Groupe are featuring eco-friendly brands!
  • The Body Shop  is offering Buy 3, Get 2 Free or Buy 2, Get 1 Free!  Don’t forget to check out their Eco-Friendly line where their bottles are made of 100% recyclable plastic!
  •  Juice Beauty specializes in organic skincare that is known for their 100% USDA certified  organic juice bases.  Other ingredients include aloe vera, honey, botanicals, plant oils, and raw cane sugar from farms that specialize in sustainable and organic farming.  These amazing formulations are made without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.
  • Lavalana and their partnership with the Nature Conservancy’s “Plant A Billion Trees” initiative will plant one tree for every order placed on Lavalana.  They are also going to plant one tree for every Facebook fan they receive until midnight tonight. They promise each product is made with natural, skin-friendly ingredients.
  • Stila has two (Plant A Tree & Mother Nature) new special edition Earth Day eye palettes.  The palettes have an environmentally friendly refillable compact that can be refilled and reused to support waste reduction and the shadows included are produced locally, reducing gas emissions plus metal eye shadow pans are 100% recyclable.
  • Beauty Crazed talks about Josie Maran’s eco-chic products!
  • Style Caster shares some fab fashion finds that are eco-friendly!
  • Sugar Social features some other additional skincare and beauty products that are also kind to the environment!
  • I have saved one of the best  articles for the last:  Beauty High shares how to find beauty products that truly are natural, and what to watch out for!
How are you celebrating Earth Day? Have you, or will you, take up any of these great offers and product?  Any other eco-friendly brands that are not mentioned?  Let me know! I want to hear from you!