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Haute or Hideous

20 Jun

Last week Blake Lively attended the “Green Lantern” premier wearing a white floral sheer dress. So I want to know:  loving it or hating it?  What do you think about the floral detail?  Accessory overload or just right?  What about the sheer bottom half of the dress?  Haute or hideous?
I love her accessories, maybe too much all at once, but I do love them individually.  I also absolutely love her hair.  So, I wanted to love her dress but the bottom half just ruins it for me.  If you cut if off, I would love the dress so much more!



Haute or Hideous

19 Jun

This past Wednesday, June 15th, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made an appearance on David Letterman.  She was wearing a low-cut topless sparkly top and nude wide leg pants.  So I want to know your thoughts: appropriate for daytime wear?  Sexy, or do  I dare say skanky?  Loving it or hating it?   Haute or hideous?
While I think this may be hot for going out at night, I would not personally choose to wear this at night.  Also, the pant fit is not the most flattering, or the belt is too tight, as it creates skin topping over the pants.  I also think the pants could have be hemmed a tiny bit on the bottom as they tend to look too long in some photos.


Haute or Hideous

18 Jun

This past Wednesday, June 15th, Megan Fox attended the Maui Film Festival wearing a casual black leopard print dress.  So, I want to know: loving the dress? Hate it? Love the detail, or not so much? Haute or hideous?   Personally, I am undecided, at times I like it, but others not so much.


Haute or Hideous

15 Jun

This past Sunday, June 12th, J.Lo and a few other celebs were spotted at 95.8 Capital FM Summer Ball at Wembley Stadium in London.  I found Jennifer Lopez’s ensemble to be very interesting and I want to know your thoughts on it!  Love the dress or hate it?  What about the boots?  The outfit as a whole: haute or hideous?   Personally, while none of the fashion choices are my cup of tea, I do love her makeup, which is always stunning!


Haute or Hideous

24 May
There has been numerous red carpet events, such as the Cannes Film Festival and BAFTAS.  Along with that, comes a lot of fashionable, and somewhat questionable, fashion as well.  I have compiled a few pics from a few events over the past few days and I want to know your  thoughts!  Are you loving the fashion, or on the other hand, do you think it is hideous?  Let me know!  I want to know what you are loving, or hating with each particular piece!
  • Daisy Lowe

  • Jessica Biel
  •  Kylie Minogue

  • Ke$ha

Fab Five: Kate Spade Handbags

13 May

I absolutely am in love with everything Kate Spade.  Both of my glasses are from her and I want a million more things.  I love the look of her handbags, accessories, and clothing.  In case you have not had the joy of viewing her magnificent handbags I thought I’d feature my five favorites,  plus a bonus because I could not just leave it at five.  Don’t forget to check out all of the other things she designs because they are gorgeous.

Haute or Hideous: Sarah Jessica Parker

12 May

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted at the New York City Ballet Spring Gala rocking this outfit.   I want to know your thoughts on her style choice? Loving it or hating it?  Personally I think they would both be gorgeous as separates, but I am not loving them paired together.  However, that being said I am absolutely loving her makeup and hair. Gorgeous!

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Fab Five: Jessica Simpson Collection

6 May
Like almost every other celeb, Jessica Simpson has her own clothing, accessory, and fragrance line.  Until today I had not checked out her collection.  However, after doing so, I was impressed!  The pieces are great for everyday sophisticated wear and are reasonably priced as well!  Here are five pieces that I love and would pick up for myself!
Do you have anything from the Jessica Simpson collection?   Any pieces you absolutely love from her?  Let me know!

Met Gala: My Best Fashion Picks

4 May

The 2011 Met Gala was a few days ago.  While I was busy studying for finals I was able to catch a few glimpses of some fashion.  With award shows and red carpets there are not usually many looks I absolutely love, however with the Met gala I either loved a dress or absolutely hated it. I did love a lot more dresses than I usually do, and including some that I normally wouldn’t like (Bar Refaeli).  I compiled a few (okay, a lot) of my favorite dresses from the evening. 


Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Bar Refeali, Brooklyn Decker, Diane Kruger,
Gisele Bundachen, Isabel Lucas, Tory Burch,
Ashley Greene, Emily Stone, Jessica Alba,
 Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift


What did you think?  Any of my picks that you were also loving, or even hated?  Any you loved that I did not include? Let me know!

Haute or Hideous: The Olsen Twins

21 Apr

Image Credit

The Olsen Twins were out last night for the premier of the Union.  So I want to know your opinon on their fashion and makeup choices?  Loving it? Hating it? Loving the makeup and hating the fashion, or visa versa?  Let me know!