Recently Read: Sliding Into Home

16 Jun



Sliding Into Home is an autobiography, with the help of a ghost writer, of Kendra Wilkinson.  She is a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and was featured on the show Girls Next Door and now has her own reality show, Kendra.  In her book she discusses her childhood to high school to living in the mansion and now as a wife and mom.  She talks about her family life, her crazy high school experience and drug use, and how she felt living at the mansion.

I picked this book up because I was obsessed with The Girls Next Door and Kendra was always my favorite. I love her outgoing and fun personality and she seemed like someone who I would actually want to be friends with.  I had heard a lot about what the book included, such as her drug use and having sex with Hef, from other media sites so when I began reading I wasn’t expecting to hear that much more that I had not already read online.  However, the sites online just brushed on her drug use because in the book she went in-depth with her experiences.  Now I was no perfect teenager, but I was completely shocked at some of the things she did, and I’m sure she didn’t include everything in her book.  I would recommend this book to those who have been thinking about reading it or like Kendra or The Girls Next Door.  It was an extremely easy read, I read it in about 2 days.  While the language and writing quality is not anything that will win it awards, it’s interesting and it sounds like Kendra talking to you.


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