Tuesday Tip: Decreasing Puffiness Under Your Eyes

14 Jun


Puffy under eyes are an annoying occurring like dark circles under your eyes.  These can be brought on from too little sleep, crying, genetis, or other causes.  However, a certain cream can help to reduce the puffiness.  Brace yourself.  Hemorrhoid cream is said to be the magic cream to minimize this.  This cream is primarily used to shrink swollen tissue, so it works the same way under your eyes.  So, in the mornings before you apply your makeup, just apply a bit of this cream to the swollen area and blend in!  Once it’s had time to absorb into your skin, carry on with your usual routine!

Do you suffer from puffiness under your eyes?  Have you ever tried using this method?  If so did you find it effective?  Do you have any other tips and tricks so help reduce this?  Let me know!




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