3 Jun

Almost 2 months ago I posted a Daily Deal on how you could get 2 free Suave products from their new professional haircare line.  In the past 2 months I had not gotten anything in the mail and I figured it would never come and sort of gave up hoping for the coupons.  However, I just checked my mail and low and behold, there was something from Suave, which happened to be my voucher for the free products. I completed enough questions/activities to get the 2 free products, but unfortunately they only sent me a voucher for 1 free product.  This was disappointing because not only did it take 2 months to get to me, but they also didn’t include one coupon.  However, I do not want to complain too much because free is  free and I am grateful.

I wanted to post this and see  if you guys did the activity and if so, have you recieved your rewards?   If you have not, it may be coming in the near future.  As of right now, I believe the deal is expired but I think every so often they revive the offer.  So, if you missed out on the offer the first time, then keep checking back!  I have not decided what I product I am going to get, yet.  Do you have any recommendations?  What are your favorites from their new line?


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