3 Jun

I made a few purchases over the past few weeks and here is what showed up in the mail over the last week!

  • Allure Makeup Bag

I honestly have no idea why I got this.  It came in the mail one day, and I think it might have been through P&G brands.

  • Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer

I have been using the regularly over the past couple days, and so far I think I like it.  Full review coming soon.

  • Stila Order
    • Beach Palettes
    • It Girl Palette

Beach Palette in Haute in the Hamptons

I have not had time to extensively play with these palettes.  However, my initial thoughts and opinions are that this palette is one you could easily (and I advise you to) skip.  The pigmentation is relatively poor, which could be because most of the shades are matte.  Also, all of the colors are extremely easy to dupe.

Beach Palette in Stunning In Sayulita (sorry for upside down pic)

While playing around with this palette, I found the colors more pigmented than the previous palette and could justify buying this one again, as I also think the colors are gorgeous.

It Girl Palette

Have you tried any of these products that I picked up?  Are there any you had your eye on for a while?  What have you bought lately? Let me know!


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