Recently Read: Harry Potter series

2 Jun


Over the past 5 months I have read every single Harry Potter book. In the process I have become emersed in the series, and became completely obsessed, to be honest. I saw most of the movies, but I never read the books because I was so young when they first came out, and I had no interest in them. However, after watching the movies I began to love the series, and with my boyfriends urging, I decided to plunge into the series, and I am so glad that I did.


While almost all of you know, but in case you don’t the series revolves around a wizard, Harry Potter, and they follow him. Without giving too much away, or going too much into detail (because I do not like to know too much about a book before I read it), in the series you watch him go through seven years as a Hogwarts student while trying to defeat the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort, who killed his parents while he was an infant.


My favorite aspects in the book was the focus on the school of Hogwarts and the subjects, in particular. I am a college student, but the materials they learned were so much more interesting than anything I’ve ever been taught (especially potions, charms, and spells). It had me wishing that I would receive a letter from Hogwarts, letting me know I’ve been accepted (even though it’s about 7 years late). I also loved watching the characters grow and learn, especially from Dumbledore. The relationships that formed between numerous of the characters made me love them made my heart melt (Book 3, you know who I’m talking about). Many of the characters, especially the Weasley family, had laugh-out-loud moments that were just hilarious by the things they said. However, on the other side, I cried many times throughout this book (but, I am a huge sap so it’s not hard to make me tear up). Overall, I felt like I grew with this book and this is totally my favorite series, if not my favorite books altogether.


If you are still holding out and have yet to read these series I cannot stress enough how worthy of your time I think it is to read – you will not regret it!


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