Tag: Summer Besties

29 May

This tag has been going around for the past week or so on Youtube and I thought I’d do it on my blog.  I love sharing my own, and reading other’s monthly, seasonal, or just any random favorites.  This tag has 10 categories and you list your favorite product(s) for each category.  I  would love if you also did this and left your categories in the comments below, or on your blog with a link!

Favorite summer….

  •  Lip product:  Burts Bee’s chapstick
  •  Blush:  Sleek Rose Gold, MAC  Peach
  • Nail Polish:  Essie Coat Azure or Sand Tropez
  • Liquid face product: Nothing, or Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer for going out at night
  • Powder face product: NYC Sunny Bronzer
  • Hair product: Herbal Essence scrunching products
  • Eye product: Urban Decay Naked Palette (I hate waterproof mascara)
  • Self Tanner (or any tanning item): Banana Boat Self Tanner
  • Fashion accessory: bangles and bracelets
  • Clothing piece: dresses (it’s all I wear during summer)

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