Shopping Cart Sunday: Stila

15 May
I love Stila cosmetics.  I do not have a large amount of their products, but what I do have I love.  I am wanting to try more of their products and if I were to place an order today, here is what I would add to my shopping cart.  Some of these products I have heard great things about, others I’ve had my eye on for a while, and a few are just things that stuck out to me and am curious to try.

I simply want this powder because of the gorgeous detailing.  I have only seen one blog post about this powder so I do not have a great idea on what to expect quality wise, but it’d be worth it simply because of the packaging.

One of my favorite things about Stila is their palettes.  I love the design and colors.  I love the neutrals of this palette and have been wanting Kitten for a long time now, which is included in the palette.  They also include a convertible color and a lip glaze in Guava as well.  Such a great deal!

As explained above, I love the palette, the colors, and the mascara included!

Stila debuted this pallete around Earth Day.  I simply love the colors.  That’s all I can say.

I have heard people rave continuously about these eyeliner pencils.  I am not a huge eyeliner junkie as I hardly wear it.   My eyeliner of choice is the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils, but I have a feeling these could also become a favorite!

I have a few Convertible Colors from the travel palettes they introduced last year and I love everything about them from the payoff, to the color and consistency.  I need to get my hands on more stat!  The color shown is gladiola, a bright orange that is perfect for summer!

I have recently been in love with all lip color sticks and for only $16 I could not imagine resisting trying these gorgeous shades from the Smile in Style set!

I have a few of their travel palettes from last year and I really enjoyed them.  This year they removed the Convertible Color and added a blush and highlighter/bronzer. So far they have come out with two and I love the colors in both palettes!

What do you think about Stila cosmetics? Have you tried any of these products? What  are your favorites and least favorite products you’ve tried?  Anything else you think I should check out from them? Let me know!

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