Poll: Easter Celebrations

22 Apr

TGIF!   This week has been extremely stressful and busy, I have not had one free minute.  Unfortunately, the next week and a half is also going to be just as crazy with the semester ending.  This weekend is Easter so I want to know about your Easter plans!  If you do not celebrate Easter, then answer these questions just letting me know about your weekend in general!

  1. What makeup look are you doing?
  2. What are you wearing for Easter?
  3. Easter plans?
  4. Favorite thing about Easter?
My answers:
  • What makeup look are you doing?
I have not really planned my makeup yet, but I will be doing a very light and natural face.  I will probably only use concealer, powder, and I am not sure about blush yet since I am doing the different-blush-everyday challenge.  As far as the eye look I will probably either do no eyeshadow and simply liner or a fleshtone color and then a medium brown blended into the crease. It’ll be topped off with a simple lipgloss!
  • What will you be wearing?
I am even more unsure about this than my makeup!  It’s going to depend on the weather and if I apply a self-tanner or not.  I would like to wear a dress.  If not, I will probably wear leggings with a creme color chiffon sheer top and a floral cami underneath with wedges.
  • Easter plans:
I will be celebrating Easter with my family.  Not quiet sure what the plan is, yet!
  • Favorite thing about Easter:
The dressing up and the memories of Easters as a child!

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