A Lemming A Day: Nexxus ProMend

17 Apr

I used to have hair that was a bit past my bust. I loved it, but it was extremely unhealthy and damaged.  I then cut my hair to above my shoulders and have begun taking much better care of it.  Since then, my hair has never been in a better condition.  I make sure to get cuts regularly so I do not have split ends.  However, they used to be bad and I think that if there was ever a time where I had to wait a bit longer for a trim that the Nexxus ProMend could be helpful.  After reading reviews, this sounds like  a good emergency product.  No hair  prodcut can truly mend split ends, but some can hide it.  Nexxus ProMend is said to help conceal split ends.  Many reviews say this product does help to hide them.  However, it can cause build up, which is bad for your hair so I wouldn’t use this as a pro-longed product.  I would be interested in having this product as a backup for any emergency product, but wouldn’t rely on it for everyday use.


Have you tried this product?  What did you think? Let me know!


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