A Lemming A Day: Lip Products

6 Apr

Once again, I have more lemmings because of youtube.  Big suprise, right ;)?  I was watching MyChelseaGirls  video on her all time favorite lipglosses.  We both suffer from very dry lips, no matter what, so I basically felt the need for everything she mentioned.  I thought I would share these products with you, and I have linked her video below for you all to check out!

As stated, my lips are very dry so a lot of the times I prefer a balm over lipstick.  However, the one downfall of chapsticks is that most contain no color.  However, these are described as being moisturizing, non sticky, and they are relatively opaque.  Not to mention, they’ll be perfect for on the go!


  • Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care – $9 at drugstores

I am always wanting to try new chapsticks.  I have not heard of this kind, but based on many  reviews I’ve read this stuff is amazing!   Many say this actually helps to heal the lips and prevent them from being less chapped.  Next time I am in the drugstore, I will be picking this up!


This is similar to the ROC chapstick, and is supposed to prevent healing of chapped, dry lips.  I want this to put on before bed so I can wake up with beautiful lips!


Check out MyCheaseaGirls’ video on youtube for other great products, or more information about the products listed!


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