My Top Fashion Picks for the ACMS 2011

5 Apr

The American Country Music awards took place on April 3rd.   I did not get a chance to watch it, but after looking through all the Red Carpet photos I think I got a pretty good idea of what went on!  I have found my favorite fashion picks, and was there a lot to choose from!  I saw everything from long, beautiful, embellished gowns to overalls (I kid you not).  However, considering this is the American Country Music Awards, I am not surprised at the eclectic fashion and it made it that much more interesting!  I also saw some really great makeup too and might make a post on my favorite makeup of the night, as well!

  • Martina McBride

I absolutely love the cream color of this dress with the gold embellishment at the waist.  The earrings also add a great  detail, without going over the top on gold jewelry.  I am loving the overall  greek goddess type of feel you get from this dress (it could just be that I’ve been watching to much Spartacus).  Whatever it is, I think this look is simply gorgeous!



  • Carrie Underwood

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this.  It was the first Red Carpet photo I saw and I instantly fell in love.  It is so gorgeous with the detailing, and no one can go wrong with purple in my book!


  • Miranda Lambert

I was a bit hesitant about this dress, and still am.  I am not loving the fit in the top, as I feel we are going to have nip-slip any second.  Aside from the awkward fitting in the chest area, I think the dress is gorgeous overall.  It has the same feel as Martina McBride’s dress and I do love that.


  • Brooklyn Decker

With all the detailing on the other dresses shown thus far, I loved Brooklyn’s dress for her simplicity.  I thought  it was classy and timeless.  The color looks absolutely stunning against her skin as well!


  • Jana Kramer

I picked this dress because it was also different from the long, flowing gowns.  I loved how this dress was short, perfect for spring in my opinion!  I think it also represents a fun party dress you can have fun, and let loose in!  The pop of color is small and subtle but a very nice touch – it is not over the top, but adds a speck of life to the nude colors!


  • Julianne Hough

When I first saw this dress, I thought it was cute but nothing spectacular.  However, once I took the extra second to look at it piece by piece, and then as an overall product I fell in love.  I think this could easily be my favorite dress, hair, accessories, everything of the night!  Everything just works so well together.  The dress is long, but has a free back which screams spring, along with the color!  I am also loving the sheer detailing on the dress!  The gold accessories, with the hint of turquoise on the band, sets everything over the top and brings it all  together so nice.  Not to mention, her lips and hair could not be any more perfect!  Loving this look!


I want to hear from you!  Did you watch the ACM Awards (either the show, or red carpet)?  If so, what did you think?  What do you think of my Fashion Picks?  Love them? Hate them? Did you have any favorites I left out? Let me know!


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