March Empties

31 Mar

Every month I like to show you guys, and myself, what I finished over the course of the month.  It helps to show what I am using up (and what I am not using), what I have repurchased, whether or not I will repurchase it, and my thoughts on the product that I finished.  I also include pan, because it is my favorite thing to see!  I did not finish that many products this past month, but I think April will be a great month because I have so many products that just need a few more uses!


Infusium 23 Conditioner 2 Moisture


  • Where to buy: around $7-8 at most drugstores
  • My Thoughts: I actually really like this conditioner.  I have used this brand before and have always been very pleased with it.  It didn’t leave my hair feeling moisturized, and helped in combination of my other products to keep my hair healthy!
  • Will I re-purchase this? I did not repurchase this as I have 2 other shampoos and conditioners that I am trying to use up before I purchase another set, but I would purchase this again sometime in the future!


Crest Whitening Toothpaste Plus Scope

  • Where to buy it? around $3.50 at drugstores
  • My Thoughts: I am very picky about my toothpastes.  When I find one I like I stick to it and will refuse to even try another one, in my mind the rest are disgusting.  Yes, I know this is very weird; I mean no sane person should be this picky with their toothpaste!  All in all, I looove this product!  It tastes good, has a minty flavor (spearmint, not the gross kind), and comes in a gel that doesn’t get too foamy.
  • Will I re-purchase? DUH!  I had 2 backups waiting.


And finally….. Pan Porn!:

  • NYC Bronzer in Sunny


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