March Ins and Outs

30 Mar


  • Etsy – Until this month I have never really bought anything from Etsy, or even looked on the site for more than a few seconds.  This month, however, I realized how dangerous it is.  While I have acquired some very cute items from there, my wallet is hating this addiction!  If you haven’t already (which I’m sure you have), go there now and check it out!  Any girlie thing you can think of – you can find it on there!  However, if you don’t want your bank account to hate you, stay far away!


  • One month of school left – This week was my first week back from Spring Break, and boy was it a rough one.  However, I have to remind myself that I have exactly 20 class days left!!  I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.  I’m hoping if I say this enough times then it’ll increase my motivation!


  • Shuttung Down My Youtube – I shut down my youtube channel this month, not like it was a big deal because I only had 100 subscribers lol.  However, it feels so liberating!  While blogging takes up just as much time (more time, in my opinion) I like it sooo much better, and you don’t get a much hate!  I didn’t include this, but blogging is totally “in”!


  • Papers moved back – One good thing happened this week:  I got an 12 page paper that was supposed to be due this Friday, moved back until April 12th.  It is  going to be an easy paper, but this week I’ve also had two midterms to deal with, so it’s nice to push it back just a bit and have one less thing on my plate!


  • Spring and Day Lights Saving –  There are many reasons why I despise winter.  Thankfully the harsh, brutal months are over (well, almost.. see below).  I love spring because we sprung our clocks forward and it no longer gets dark at about 3P (okay, I’m exaggerating just a wee bit).  I love the warm weather, having a nice tan, spending time outside, and spring fashion!  What is there not to love about spring?


  • Fashion – see below (makeup).


  • Atmosphere Selling Out – I saw Atmosphere at a music festival over summer.  Since then, I have been dieing to go to a concert strictly for him.  I have been checking constantly to see when he is coming back.  Somehow I completely missed his Family Tour.  Turns out, he is coming during May, but tickets sold out in a week.  I have checked online and prices are ridiculous, asking $80-$200  (when it originally sold for $25).  I am still crossing my fingers and hoping for a miracle as he is my favorite artist.


  • OBGYN  – Do I really need to say anymore?  I had to go to my yearly gyno appointment, and that was about 1 too many times for my life.  I think that must be where hell is.


  • Radio – I hate the radio for the simple fact that they play the same 10 songs on repeat.  Lame!  I have bought about 6 ipod transmitters, all which have broke.  I refused to spend another $80 on one, so I found one on ebay that works just as good as the $80 and it was only $20.  Radio is so out… my ipod is so in!


  • Death – I don’t think this should ever be “in”.  My grandfather passed away this month, in an unexpected way, which was really hard and sad for all.  I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but it is always sad seeing someone pass, no matter who it is.


  • Wind – It has been sooooooooo (was that enough zeros to get my point across) ridiculously windy here.  I live sorta in the middle of nowhere to begin with on a hill so there’s not much blocking the wind at my place and it is usually windy to begin with.  However,  it has been so windy everywhere I have gone.  It is honestly just pissing me off at this point!  No, I do not want to eat all my hair, thankyouverymuch!


  • Makeup – (see above – fashion)

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