Tuesday Tip: Relieving “Tight” Skin

14 Mar

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After washing their face, many people have the misconception that your skin should feel tight.  Tight is associated with clean, right? Wrong!  Don’t be ashamed if you thought this as I thought this for a very long time! Especially having oily skin, I thought that it was best when my skin felt tight.  Oh boy was I wrong!  When your skin feels tight, that means your cleanser, face wash, mask, etc. stripped your skin of the natural oils, leaving it dehydrated.  This will thus cause us oily gals to produce even more oil because our skin is making up for the oil lost!

Now, if you notice that the current products you’re using are leaving you with a tight feeling on your face I would suggest that you try to find another skincare system.  However, in the mean time I have tip for you!  Clean your cleanser off with icy cold water. This will help to make your skin feel the same ‘squeaky’ clean without dehydrating your skin of its water levels and giving you the tight-skinned feeling.


Did you find this tip helpful? Do you have any other skincare questions?  Do you have any skincare tips? Let me know, I love hearing from my readers!


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