Shopping Cart Sunday: Lush

6 Mar

I am a huge online shopper.  It is always fun to create shopping cart of things you’re interested in, even if you don’t plan on actually buying it!  Every Sunday I will feature a shopping bag from various stores and product types.  This week is Lush, a company who sells primarily skincare, shower, and bath items, using all organic and natural items. Yes please!  I do plan on buying all of these items.

This is advertised as a cleanser on the website, however I could never imagine this as a cleasner!  It looks way to harsh for use on my face!  Instead, I plan on using this as a body exfoliator.


I’ve read this helps to shrink blemishes and zap oil (which I have extremely oily skin!).  I’ve always head of people using this as a setting spray, or under makeup as a mattifyer.  Another bonus: it has Witch Hazel which I’ve been wanting to try!


This is marketed as a toner, but to be honest I have enough toners.  I want this because it has tee tree oil (which I am addicted to)!  I also plan on using this as a setting spray.


I may be the most excited, and interested in this item.  It is once again marketed as a toner, but with a twist!  The directions on the website read: Fill a medium-size bowl with very hot water and drop in a toner tab. Immediately drape a towel over your head and the bowl to let the steam deliver its anti-oxidants and vitamin-rich essential oils to your skin. Once you’ve done that, you can store it for up to 2 days and spritz it on your face throughout the day, or use it with a cotton pad.


I’ve heard so many raves about this item so I have to give it a try!  I have extremely dry lips, and I usually exfoliate them with a toothbrush, but this sounds much more fun!


I use 2 cleansers; Cetaphil in the morning and Purity by Philosophy at night.  I really love Purity, but I want to switch up my Cetaphil.  After a cleanser, I follow with other face washes so I am not expecting this to work any miracles, but rather just feel nice.


Along with the Sea Salt, I also plan on using this as a body scrub and exfoliator.  However, on the website the reviews say it is very messy and crumbles easily so I am a bit skeptical.



Have you tried any Lush products? What are your favorites? What would you stay away from?


One Response to “Shopping Cart Sunday: Lush”

  1. thesallyfoster March 14, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    Hey there! Just wanted to stop in and let you know we’re running a Lush photo contest over at Living the Lush Life! You can submit photos and we’ll choose 3 to win, then we’ll upload them all to our facebook page! The one with the most “likes” will also be a winner. Four chances to win! ! 🙂

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