3 Mar

I have been severly lacking on posts lately.  My camera broke, which limits a lot of posts that I had been wanting to do.  However, I do have many many big plans for this blog, including more fashion posts.  I am working on planning it all out so I will be updating regularly!

I have finished my 30 for  30 challenge.  I did succeed in trying 30 new things, but it took me over a month because I did not wear make up every day.  It was tough, and annoying  at times, but it helped me to discover some really great products I already own!  Also it made me realize how many makeup items I already have, especially eyeshadow, and will hopefully help me to limit future purchases.  While I did finish the challenge I still have some unused make up items I haven’t tried.  I am trying to think up a fun challenge, or the like,  to do with these items.  However, I did fail at not buying anything during this time.  I bought a bunch of make up items, and recorded a haul, but other than the recent MAC collection, I have been very good!

I am thinking about doing a  project 10 pan, but I honestly don’t think I have the willpower.  I do need some kind of help though to stop buying make up.  So well see where that goes.

And finally be on the look out for upcoming posts including

  • Items 10-20 of 30 for 30
  • Items 20-30 of 30 for 30
  • Favorite spring nail polishes, beauty trends, and fashion trends
  • Heels and wedges wishlist
  • A new beauty challenge
  • and more! (hopefully some reviews!)

If you have any input on posts you would like to see, or how to improve this blog, please let me know as I am always looking for feedback and how to make this blog better for you guys! Enjoy!


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