January Ins and Outs

2 Feb


  • TV Seasons – or more specifically, The Real Housewives (all except NY), Jersey Shore and Greek. These are all my serious guilty pleasures and I am seriously obsessed with all of these shows.

  • Sweaters – I have always loved sweaters, but as of late you can pretty much find me with a sweater on everday!

  • Gummy vitamins – I am bad about remembering to take vitamins, but with gummy vitamins for adults, it makes it fun and exciting so I actually look forward to taking them!

  • Harry Potter – After being obsessed with the movies, I have begun reading the series. So far, I am half way through book four (its harder to read now with classes) and am obsessed!

  • 60 Degree Weather – This past Friday we had a high of 65 or so and it was amazing – in January! Driving with my sunroof open made my month.



  • School – the semester has once again begun and I cannot begin to explain how low my motivation is – and it’s only in the second week of school!

  • My Weight – I am not happy with my weight currently and am about to get serious on a diet to lose a few extra pounds and tone up as well.

  • Snow – It some how lowers my motivation farther than I thought was possible. I am also so tired of the cold.



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