30 for 30: Days 1-10

31 Jan

In an effort not to save money, and begin using things that I have not yet used, I decided to start a 30-for-3o.  Basically, I have to use at least 0ne new item everyday, that I have not yet worn out, for the next 30  days.  So far, I have found some really great products, as well as some not so great ones.  I enjoy having to challenge myself a little bit in the mornings and think up a new look, specifically with eyeshadow.  Here are the first 10 days:

  • Day 1 – ELF eyeshadow quad in Butternut

  • Day 2 – Urban Decay Naked palette

  • Day 3 – NYX blush in Silky Rose


  • Day 4 – NYX blush in Spice


  • Day 5 – NYX 10 Color Runway palette in Catwalk

  • Day 6 – Stila Make An Impression In Moscow travel palette

  • Day 7 – Wet ‘n Wild Brulee


  • Day 8 – ELF Studio single eyeshadow in Coffee Bean

  • Day 9 – ELF essentials bronzer in Warm Tan

  • Day 10 – ELF essentials bronzer in Sun Kissed

All images from google images.


Overall, I  loved everyday, except for days 9 and 10.   I used the bronzers as eyeshadows because immediately after swatching them I realized they were way too shimmery to actually use as a bronzer, especially since I have oily skin.  Instead, I decided to use them as eyeshadows since they had a really nice color. I used the Warm Tan in my crease which was barely noticeable.  I think it could be nice if you are going for the barely there, my eyes but better type of look.  On day 10, I used the Sun Kissed as an all-over lid color with a NYX jumbo eye pencil as a base under neath.  I thought this really helped the pigmentation, but I just did not like the look I created overall.  Since usginthe Wet ‘n Wild Brulee I have begun using it almost everyday and am absolutely in love with it!


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