Tuesday Tips: Spending Less $

11 Jan

One  of my major beauty resolutions this year was to spend less on make up and beauty products.  To help myself, and others, achieve this goal I thought I would post some tips I’ve gathered to encourage you to spend less on make up.

  • Project 10 Pan – Everyone has their own rules they adapt to their own needs.  However, the basic idea is you choose 10, you can do less or more, of course, products.  You can’t buy any other make up items (some make an exception to staples such as foundation) until all 10 products are completely finished or have hit pan.
  • Shop Your Stash – Look through your stash and re-discover products you have not used in a while!
  • Find something you never use and  create a look out of it – I have soooo many make up items that I have never used, which is really bad. Challenge yourself to use something that you have never used and create a look out of it!
  • 15 or 30 Days with a palette – Choose one palette and try to use just that palette for a week, 15 or 30 days straight.  The Naked palette would be a great option for a 30 day challenge as there are almost endless looks you can create with the colors!
  • Try to use a new product everyday for a month – Again, if you are like me and have a bunch of un-used make up items, try to use a new product every month!
  • Make a spread sheet to keep track of how much you spend – This is something that I have started doing, and it will help because most likely the actual cost in a few months will shock you! It is a great reality check to help you keep track and spend less.
  • Find something you would like to save up for –  My recent Handbag Wishlist was a post on the handbags that I would like to save up for!  Having something specific in mind will really help you to stick to a budget.  Plus, think about how good it will feel when you saved up all the money for a special something you have had your eye on for a while!
  • “Sleep on it” – If there is something that catches your eye while your out shopping, or even online “browsing”, don’t buy the item right away!  Step away, and take a few days to think about it and decide if you really need the item, or already have something similar. Impulse buys can be my biggest downfall!
  • Shop your stash for dupes of something you want – This goes along with the “sleep on it” tip; if there is an item you are lemming, look through your stash first! Chances are, you have something similar to what you are wanting.
  • Make a point to use products you never use – I have done  this recently, I have been using Wet ‘n Wild’s blush in Heather Silk everyday for the past week (by force, at first) because I have only used the product once, at most.  However, after using it, I have fallen in love with it!  It has given me the perfect flushed cheek color, that looks like you were out in the freezing cold for the past hour (in a good way!).
  • Stay away from temptations – Such as youtube videos, forums, make up website, the cosmetic section in stores, and most importantly, emails from companies advertising their latest sales!  Emails are what get me the most, because I feel like I cannot pass up such a great deal.  If you do not think you can stay away from the cosmetic section while out shopping, leave your credit card at home and only carry enough money to buy what you originally went out for!
  • Make a blog or youtube – I find that being able to talk about make up, helps to decrease the feeling of needing to go out and buy a product, it satisfies me in the same way!  It also helps you to stay busy!
  • Take up another hobby – Find a hobby to help you stay busy. Some great ideas are cooking, reading, exercising, blogging, etc!
  • Figure out why you buy things – Is it out of boredom? To deflect something in your personal life such as anger, depression, or feeling self-conscious? Find out the underlying reason as to why you are purchasing make up, and that will then help you take the necessary actions to correct it.
  • Cant buy something until you use something of the same product – This is an idea I am implementing in the coming year!  So, I cannot buy a new eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss, etc. until I have used the most recent eyeshadow, blush, or lipgloss that I have purchased.
  • If all else fails, stick to a reasonable budget – Get a credit card where you import a set amount each month/week based on what is reasonable for you.  Only use that card for fun purchases, and when it runs out, you are SOL for buying other things you don’t “need.”
  • Try to re-create celebrity inspired looks – Find magazines, pictures from red carpet events, tv shows, movies, etc. and then try to re-create a look that you love using what you already have in your stash!   It will be fun, encourage you to use what  you already have, and improve your technique and application!

The main idea to take from this is learning to love what you have!  Once you truly love what you have, you will not feel a great desire to go out and buy new things!  Have you done a no-buy? If so, how did it work out?  Post any tips and additional comments you may have!


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