Handbag Wishlist

1 Jan

This is horrible timing.  Of course, right after both my birthday and Christmas just pass, I decide that I absolutely need a new purse.  Like won’t survive if I won’t get one.  So, I have composed my wishlist and, so for those wanting to buy me one (I’m looking at you mom and dad) they will know just what to pick!


The first up is the Michael Kors Hamilton Tote, except I am lusting over the color Tangerine, shown in the link.

Now, in all honesty this Michael Kors Kingsbury medium tote is not one that I feel I will be severely deprived if I do not get.  However, I could not get passed how much I love the color, which is why it made the list.


Now this is another bag I must have because of the color.  However, this Coach Colette leather tote is unlike the Michael Kors purse, because I must have this one.  Just love!


Unfortunately, this Coach Hamptons Leather Carryall, which I could love like no other, is probably not going to be in my hands anytime in the near future for 2 reasons: It is $700  and limited  edition (more so than all the other handbags shown).   I also want this in the color Raisin, not brown.  Click the link and you too will fall in love!


While, I think this is the only  Burberry bag I will ever feel that I absolutely need, I believe every woman needs at least one in her closet for it to be complete.

I do not feel as big of an urgency with this particular bag (Kate Spade Dungarees Emily), because I don’t picture myself using it until spring and summer.  However, I cannot think of a more perfect bag for the season.  Not to mention, that I am absolutely in love with Kate Spade!


This Kate Spade Nylon Darya is another classic, timeless black bag that every women must have in her closet!


Dooney & Bourke is the one brand that I would be perfectly content with having only their handbags in my closet.   I aboslutely love everything they product, but particularly the Large North/South Sac in the color Brown T-Moro (shown in the picture). Gorgeous.
$335, but currently on sale for only $251.25


Now I don’t  normally love bags with the brand logo all over it.  However, I can look past that on the Dooney & Bourke June purse because there are so many things to love: the style, the size, the fabric, the colors, the pockets, everything!

Of course, I have to end with a bang, which is the Brahmin Medium Alden Tote in Mandarin.  I love red handbags, and this is the perfect statement bag. Absolutely adore it!


Now that I finally have my eye on a few things, this will give me incentive to spend less on make up, and save up for a few gorgeous handbags!


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