December In’s and Outs

31 Dec

On my youtube channel,  I post monthly beauty and/or fashion favorites.  However, I love reading other’s “ins and outs” for the current month.  On my blog, it will be random events, foods, etc. that I have been loving or hating for the current month.


  • Time Off  – I have really been enjoying all the time I have had off from both work and school.  The beginning of December was so stressful with finals, and it has been truly amazing getting to breathe a little bit before the next semester begins.  I also got to see my family, which is also a huge in!
  • Grades – Speaking of finals, all the stress and lack of sleep I endured in December was completely worth it because I got much better grades than I was expecting, and I could not be happier!
  • Snow – Where I live, it usually has had 5+ feet of snow by this time.  However, we have had no snow accumulation until yesterday.  It snowed about a foot.  I love snow when I do not have to drive anywhere!   Even better, I got off of work early because of the snow and Boo loves the snow as well!  Check out my tumblr for a cute picture I took of him!
  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – I am absolutely obsessed with this show, and all the other Real Housewives franchises.  However,  I have to watch it online and have not been able to see past episode 8, so I’m hoping it will  be updated soon!  My favorite so far is Lisa, I just love her accent!  And I think my least favorite, which can probably be guessed, it Camille.  All I have to say on that subject is Psycho!
  • Harry Potter books – When I am not in school I try to read as much as possible, because I love it and only have time to read hen I am on a  break.  I have been obsessed with the Harry Potter movie series since they came out, but have never read the books.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, and asked for them for Christmas and I got the whole series.  Last night I finished book 1 (which I liked better than the movie) and started the Chamber of Secrets.


  • Puppy behavior – Brian got me a puppy, Kicks, for Christmas.  He is a major in, and favorite this month, but I already mentioned him in my December favorites.  What I do not love is having to keep an eye on him every single second to make sure he isn’t  going potty on the carpet (which has been a major fail!) or chewing something he is not supposed to.  But it is all forgotten when he is sleeping next to me, because honestly, how can you stay mad at this?
  • Taking Down Christmas Decorations – I have not done this yet, I will do so tomorrow, but I am not looking forward to it at all!  I wish I could leave them up all year long because it is so festive and makes me really happy 🙂

And if any of you are interested in seeing my December favorites, you can view them here:


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  1. novosti January 4, 2011 at 6:55 am #

    thanks for post !!!

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