22 Dec

I am finally done with classes, and couldn’t be happier!  I said I would update, the last day of my finals but I have been relaxing, visiting my family, and doing other exciting things!  However, I do have a lot of posts planned for this blog, and after christmas, I plan on getting started on it.  Promise.

I did make this post for one specific reason though.  For my birthday and Christmas present, Brian was going to buy me a yorkie.  We were looking over the past few weeks and I did not think it would happen, with any dog in  general.  However, on Sunday we found a lady selling yorkies and went to visit them today.  To make this story shorter, we bought the puppy and can take it home on Friday.  We do not have a name yet, but we have a few in mind:


Here is a quick pic, but we will have plenty more posts in the upcoming future:


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